История ТарГУ

История ТарГУ


Since 2012, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, chairman of the Council of Rectors of the Southern region MAHMETGALI NURGALIEVICH SARYBEKOV heads Taraz State University named by M.KH. Dulati. 

HISTORY OF TARSU from 2008 to 2012

In the period from 2008 to 2012, ASHIMZHAN SULEYMENOVICH AKHMETOV led Taraz State University named by M.KH Dulati.

Starts a new stage in the development of the university. The University has 530 teachers, including 28 - doctors, professors, 206 - candidates of sciences and docents. We introduce a multi-stage system of education - bachelor, magistracy,postgraduate and PhD. In order to enhance teaching and research activities and opened new service unit: a teaching management, registration office, the center of new information technologies, research and development department, the scientific library, printing house, a sports club and so on.

University became a consulting center of higher education institutions for the implementation of the credit system of education.
In 2005, the University was awarded the certificate of conformity to international quality standards. The university management system ISO-9001 in line with international standards.
During its half-century history of Taraz State University named after M. Kh Dulati has rightly become a leading university in Zhambyl region.


HISTORY OF TARSU from 2001 to 2008

Since 2001, Taraz State University named by M.KH. Dulati headed by Doctor of Law, Professor ABDIMANAP ELIKBAEVICH BEKTURGANOV.

The University has strengthened communication with research and educational centers near and far abroad. One of the first in the country has been introduced in TarSU credit system of education. Formed a new educational structure. At 8 faculties, students were studied on 58 specialties.

HISTORY OF TARSU from 1998 to 2001

TARSU NAMED AFTER M.KH DULATI was established March 24, 1998 on the basis of three higher education institutions: the University of Zhambyl, Zhambyl Irrigation and Construction Institute and Zhambyl Technological Institute of light and food industries.

Until 2001, the University was headed UALIKHAN KOZYKEEVICH BISHIMBAYEV. It was a period of uplift of the university. Annually were held Dulati reading with the participation of scientists near and far abroad. In Taraz was brought a handful of earth from the grave of a glorious ancestor that was placed at the base of his monument erected in front of the main building of TarSU. It was a museum of the university. As it was established around 1500 exhibits.


In 1996, in the regional center was  appeared a new institution - ZHAMBYL UNIVERSITY.

Rector of the University was appointed corresponding member of NAS RK, Doctor of Technical Sciences UALIKHAN KOZYKEEVICH BISHIMBAYEV.

In November of the same year, the university was named historian, philosopher and statesman Mohammed Khaydar Dulati.

HISTORY OF TARSU from 1992 to 1998

In 1992, the rector of Zhambyl Irrigation and Construction Institute was appointed a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic  Kazakhstan, Doctor of Technical Sciences ZHUNISBEK TASHIRBAEVICH SULEIMENOV.

Under the leadership of Zh.Suleymenov institute established contacts with scientists of the USA, Germany, he has developed several research projects. One of the first in Kazakhstan Institute scientists has created the Council. The Institute protected thesis on the field of "Water Management", "Hydraulics" and others.


HISTORY OF TARSU from 1973 to 1992

In the period from 1973 to 1992, Zhambyl Irrigation and Construction Institute headed by Academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences MARS FAZYLOVICH URKUMBAYEV. (The post of rector he joined at age 33 and was the youngest head of a higher educational institution of the Union). Since his arrival in the activities of the university began a new stage. Opened a new specialty, popular in agriculture, the economy, reclamation and construction.

"In the 1973-1974 academic year, full-time enrollment of about 3,500 children, it was mostly boys - later recalled M. Urkumbayev. - We try to give students not only a good knowledge, and instill in them the culture and spiritual values. Particular attention was paid to the development of sport. It was in these years, we have opened to  the country Serik Konakbaev, Sergei Gromov, Almaz Musabekov. If at first in the section of boxing takes only 30-40 people, after winning of Serik Konakbayev the World Cup in New York and the silver medal at the Moscow Olympics, began to visit the section to 1400 people. A significant event was the opening of "Economics of Water Resources", which began receiving girls. Young people fall in love and fastened their feelings bonds of matrimony. For married students, we have built a dormitory №3 ».

In those years, the students not only learn, but also participated in the construction and landscaping of native high school. Under the slogan "His institute - with their hands", they built new academic buildings and dormitories, converted warehouses of chemical fertilizers in the modern laboratory, landscaped area for the military department. Thus it was created a training camp, which later became known as "Hydrocomplex".



HISTORY OF TARSU from 1991 to 1998

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor OSKENBAY KABYLBEKOVICH MADIEV led ZHAMBYL TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of LIGHT and FOOD INDUSTRY for more than eight years. During this period, was further developed the scientific direction of the university. Opened several research centers and scientists of the Institute have contributed to the treasury of scientific achievements. Material and technical base of the university supplemented with modern equipment.

HISTORY OF TARSU from 1987 to 1991

In 1987 year, in an election of rector of ZHAMBYL TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE OF LIGHT AND FOOD INDUSTRY, was elected Ph.D VLADIMIR IOSIFOVICH MILLER. During these years, the status of the university raised up. The Institute has established links with a foreign research centers, its walls were carried out important scientific conferences and meetings.

HISTORY OF TARSU from 1958 to 1972

The history of Taraz State University dates back to 1958 year. It was the regional center, which  was opened branch of the Kazakh Institute of Chemical Technology. This institution was created with the aim of training qualified personnel for such enterprises of the regional center, as the sugar factory, meat factory, shoe factory. Graduates of Zhambyl Institute of Technology were in demand in the sectors of light and food industry, not only in our region but also in other regions of the country. Everywhere we began to receive applications for young professionals.

In 1963 the branch was transformed into an independent institute.

The first rector of  Zhambyl Technological Institute of light and food industries was appointed candidate of economic sciences, docent  HAMZA SEYTOVICH SEYTOV. The institute operated three faculties, there were 114 teachers and 1,600 students.