"To save the righteous path Khaidar Dulati chronicler, sage and spiritual guide - this means to remain faithful in worldly affairs, to choose the path of security and try to change own morality..."


"Historical heritage and its place in the education of the younger generation", where it is noted that the study of the heritage of Mirza Khaidar "promotes the formation of national pride and national dignity. Young people must understand the heart and mind of Muhammad Khaidar Dulati value - as a historical personality and his spiritual heritage - as a national value "


'Mirza Muhammad Haidar, whose musical legacy has received worldwide acclaim and the highest estimate - of course, an outstanding personality of his time. It is difficult to overestimate his contribution to the development of science, culture and literature of Central Asia. Scientists around the world are rightly considered that the origins of the Kazakh historical science it is impossible to imagine without classic work Mirza Haidar "Tarikh-i Rashidi" ("Rashidov Story"). Back in the XVI-XVII centuries. this essay, which became a classic, widespread, rewritten and reread many times, indicating that the undying interest to him for five centuries. Invaluable copies of this work of genius are rukopisehranilischah England, France, Germany, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and East Turkestan. Medieval scholars in their writings always referred to the "Tarikh-i Rashidi", especially when it came to the mysterious Eastern countries: Kashmir, East Turkistan, Tibet."

Absattar Derbisaly